Preamble :

The association MaXi-Team (association law 1901 registered in the official journal and member of the FFA under the number 074469 ) with the collaboration of MaXi-Event’s, organizes the Euro Trail de la Féclaz.
This event, support of the European Masters Running Championships 2022, is composed of 2 events: the Uphill and the Trail running and is organized with the approval of the European Masters Athletics (EMA).
The Championships will take place in accordance with the regulations issued by the World Athletics, WMRA and EMA and all participants (athletes, managers, team leaders, etc.) must comply with them.
The official languages of the event are French and English
These rules are available on the dedicated page of the website and will be displayed on site when you collect your number. They can be modified without notice by the organization, in this case the site will be updated and a specific display will be made at the time of withdrawal of the numbers.

Article 1 – Acceptance of the rules

The registration to the race and/or the participation (wearing a number) to one of the races of the Euro Trail de la Féclaz, implies the reading and the automatic acceptance of the rules.
The organization is likely to make changes at any time to these rules

Article 2 – Events

  • From July 8th to July 10th the European Masters Off Road Championships will take place in La Féclaz in Savoie designated by the EMA and the FFA. These 2 races will be reserved for men and women in the masters categories recognized by the EMA.
    2 official races with an identical course for men and women will be organized within the framework of these Championships:
    The Uphill: European Masters Mountain Running Championship
    Approximately 10km and 700mD+ with a course on paths with a mainly uphill profile and with a significant difference in altitude compared to the distance covered.
    The start and finish will be near La Féclaz.
    Date scheduled for Friday, July 8, 2022.
    Shuttle is mandatory to get to the start of the race.
  • The Trail: European Masters Trail Championship
    Approximately 40km and 2000mD+ on paths alternating climbs and descents
    Course at the start and finish of the Féclaz.
    Date scheduled for Saturday, July 9, 2022
    On decision of the organization committee, notably according to the weather conditions, one or both races could be shifted to Sunday July 10th

Two technical meetings are scheduled before the races on Friday July 8: 8:30 am for the Uphill and 7 pm for the Trail Runing. Only the team leaders or their delegates from each country will be able to attend (maximum two participants for each country)

Article 3 – Conditions of participation

To participate in the race, it is necessary:

  • To be aged on July 8, 2022 from 35 to 79 years old in order to be in one of the Masters categories (the categories are according to the day of birth and not the year of birth).

Reminder of categories:

Born between 09.07.1982 and 08.07.1987: W35 M35
Born between 09.07.1977 and 08.07.1982 : W40 M40
Born between 09.07.1972 and 08.07.1977 : W45 M45
Born between 09.07.1967 and 08.07.1972: W50
Born between 09.07.1962 and 08.07.1967: W55 M55
Born between 09.07.1957 and 08.07.1962 : W60
Born between 09.07.1952 and 08.07.1957: W65 M65
Born between 09.07.1947 and 08.07.1952: W70
Born between 09.07.1942 and 08.07.1947 : W75 M75

  • To run under the name of your country and not that of your club.
    The wearing of the official jersey of your country is therefore mandatory
  • To be licensed to compete with an EMA member federation
  • To be registered in a regular way before June 15, 2022
  • To have your registration validated by the Federation of your country
    There is no national selection but a validation made after June 16th by the Federations of each country.
  • To come and collect your number in person with an ID the day before the race
    • The Uphill : Thursday July 7th between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm
    • The Trail running: July 8th between 11.30 am and 7:00 pm

Runners registered for the uphill and the trail running will be able to pick up both numbers at the same time on Thursday between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Article 4 – Registration and refund


The registration will be done only by internet, via the dedicated platform.
The registration fees are as follows:

  • Trail running: 55€ (45€+ 10€ EMA)
  • Mountain Running (Uphill): 35€ (25+ 10€ EMA)
    The first 500 French registrants will receive a free special edition “France” approved jersey. (1 per person)
  • If a runner runs 2 races: 80€ (70€+ 10€ EMA).
    Note: Some federations ask for an additional fee: FINLAND +15€, NORWAY +10€, Portugal +10€, SWEDEN +5€


Race registrations can be refunded up to one month before the event by deducting a flat fee of 12€, i.e. until June 7th 2022. After this date, the athlete will not be able to receive any refund, whatever the reason (withdrawal, injury…) and we will not be able to make any more modifications, the lists of registered persons will be transmitted to the different federations for validation.

Article 5 – Compulsory equipment and disqualification

Compulsory equipment

The compulsory equipment may be adapted according to the weather conditions and the request of the prefecture (French authority).

  • Uphill 10km :
    • Mandatory:
      • Adapted shoes (trail shoes type).
      • 2 bibs provided by the organization which must be visible and placed at the back and front of the runner.
      • Nation’s jersey
    • Recommended equipment:
      • Water container (reusable cup type)
      • Water
      • A bar or gel
      • Charged cell phone to call a French number
      • Survival blanket in its original packaging and uncut.
  • Trail 40km :
    • Mandatory:
      • Suitable shoes (trail shoes type).
      • Survival blanket in its original packaging and not cut.
      • 2 bibs provided by the organization that must be visible and placed at the back and front of the runner.
      • Water container (reusable cup type)
      • Charged cell phone allowing to call a French number
      • Whistle
      • Waterproof jacket
      • Nation’s jersey
      • Sticks are allowed

Reasons for disqualification :

  • Non-respect for volunteers/organizers and other runners.
  • Not having the mandatory equipment
  • Finishing the race without poles (in case the runner started the race with them)
  • Non-respect of volunteers/organizers and other runners
  • Not respecting the course
  • Throwing garbage on the ground
  • Not having the jersey of his country
  • Not taking the obligatory shuttle bus to the start of the Uphill
  • Assistance outside of authorized areas (refueling zone)

Article 6: Steps before the start

All athletes are required to report to the call room (SAS) to carry out the identification operations in the time slot that goes from one hour to fifteen minutes before the start of each race. Once identified and registered, the athletes will be channeled into the special airlock leading to the start area, from which they will not be allowed to leave, except for special needs indicated at the start. The judges who will accompany them outside the zone and then re-enter the starting area. An athlete who leaves the start area without having respected this rule will be automatically disqualified.
In the call room, the athlete will be identified and it will be verified that he/she is wearing the national uniform with the 2 bibs

Article 7: EMA security agents

The EMA security officers will be present during the competitions of the Championships. The security officers will show two yellow cards before proceeding to the exclusion from the race, which may be decided:

  • Obvious inability to complete the race
  • A state of crisis that may affect the athlete’s health
  • When the athlete is an obvious obstacle to others.

When a safety officer, even on the recommendation of a judge, shows an athlete a red card, the athlete must immediately leave the race.
If the athlete refuses or attacks the safety officer, he/she will be suspended from all races in which he/she is registered and the case will be reported to the federation to which he/she belongs.

ARTICLE 8 – Medical assistance and withdrawal

Medical assistance
First aid posts (doctors, ambulances, first aiders) are located at various points along the course. These posts are in radio or telephone contact with the race headquarters.
The aid stations are intended to assist any person in danger with the organization’s own means or those agreed upon (depending on the seriousness of the situation, the intervention of the public services is not excluded)

It is up to a runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:

  • By going to an aid station
  • By calling the race headquarters (phone number written on the race number)
    Foreign runners must have a telephone plan allowing them to call a French telephone number
  • By asking another runner to call for help
  • In case of impossibility to reach the race HQ or the controller, you can call directly the emergency organizations and only in case of vital emergency. (112 from France)

It is the responsibility of each runner to assist any person in danger and to call for help.

A runner who calls a doctor or a rescuer submits to his authority and agrees to accept his decisions.
The first aiders, official doctors and the race direction are in particular entitled to :

  • to withdraw from the race (by invalidating the number) any competitor “judged” unfit to continue the event
  • to evacuate by any means at their convenience the runners they judge in danger.

In case of necessity, for reasons that are always in the interest of the person being rescued, the official mountain rescue service will be called upon and will then take charge of the operations and implement all appropriate means, including helicopters. The costs resulting from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person who will also have to ensure his return from the point where he was evacuated. It is the sole responsibility of the runner to constitute and present a file to his personal insurance within the given time limit.


Any withdrawal is final.
In case of abandonment, the runner must send by sms his number to the number indicated on his number in order to avoid useless searches.
Otherwise, searches may be initiated in accordance with the law in force. The costs of the search will be charged to the runner and he will be banned from the race the following year.

Article 9 – Maximum time allowed, time barriers and assistance

For all events, maximum race times have been defined which may vary at any time depending on race conditions.
These time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish within the maximum time imposed. To be allowed to continue the race, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the set time limit (regardless of the arrival time at the checkpoint).

  • Details of the time barriers on the Uphill :
    • The last runner must have arrived when the rescue device is lifted
  • Details of the time limits for the Trail Running :
    • Km 16 at 11h30 (3h30 of race)
    • Km 25 at 1:30 pm (5h30 of race)
    • Km 38 at 17h00 (9h00 race)

The assistance is only autorized at the refreshment point

Article 10 – Course, safety of the runners and schedules

At any time, the organization of the Euro Trail de la Féclaz reserves the right to modify the course or the schedules of the events registered in this race. It also reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason that would put the life of the runner in danger or any case of force majeure (no refund can be asked).
The organization may have to modify the route and distance originally planned, giving preference to more road portions, in order to allow participants to run whatever the weather conditions and in complete safety (in compliance with any prefectural decrees).
We make runners aware of the fact that alternative routes exist and that, except in exceptional conditions, the race can take place. The change of course will not give rise to any compensation.
A date of withdrawal of the races is also planned for Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Article 11 – Timing and classification

To be clocked and timed, the passage on the starting line is compulsory.
Several control posts will be positioned along the whole course to ensure a perfect regularity of the race (computer control with the electronic number and manual control). All these controls will then be rechecked at the finish.
The results will be published in real time as soon as the first runner arrives and will be available on the timekeeper’s website:

The classification will be done by category (see details of categories in article 3).
For each category will be rewarded :

  • The first 3 women
  • The first 3 men
  • The first 3 men and women teams
    The teams are composed in priority of natural teams (3 or more participants in the same category, the first 3 classified will compose the team for the final classification) or failing that of composed teams (3 athletes of different categories participating in the same race. In this case the team will be classified in the category of the youngest athlete. A compound team can be formed only if there is no possibility of a natural team. The team leader has to inform about the composition of the compound team at least 1 hour before the start of the race. It is then no longer possible to register or change the team. Each member of the team will race individually in their respective category.)

Article 12 – Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and appeals will be handled according to World Athletics and WMRA rules
Complaints regarding the athlete’s right to participate must be forwarded to the EMA Technical Delegate prior to the Technical Meeting. If a solution is not found, the athlete may participate “under protest” and the final decision will be left to the Jury of Appeal.
Complaints regarding the results or the conduct of the race may be made, in the first instance, orally by each individual athlete or his representative and addressed to the judge within 30 minutes of the runner’s arrival, directly at the race course.
After the judge’s decision, verbal or written, there is the possibility to contact the Jury of Appeal, within 30 minutes after the publication of the results.
Complaints to the Jury of Appeal must be written and signed by the National Team Leader or an official athlete representative. The complaint must be accompanied by a deposit of € 100.00, which will only be returned if the complaint is accepted.
Appeals must be signed at the TIC with a special form.
In order to make a decision, the Jury of Appeal reserves the right to verify the evidence and to consult whatever it deems necessary.
The Jury of Appeal will be appointed by the Technical Delegate and will be composed of three full members from different countries (one representative of the EMA, one representative of the participating countries, one representative of the LOC), one reserve member and a secretary.
If no appeal is made within the time limit, the results will be considered final.

Article 13: Anti-doping control

The local organizing committee of the Euro Trail de la Féclaz will carry out doping controls through the National Anti-Doping Organization according to the WA / WMRA regulations.
An EMA delegate and/or a doping official will be present during the doping tests and will supervise the procedures.
Athletes selected for doping control will be informed immediately after the end of their competition.
A manager will accompany each athlete to the Doping Control Center. Athletes must have valid photo identification.
Athletes should be aware that refusal to provide a sample will result in disqualification. Athletes selected for testing may bring a companion and/or interpreter during the procedure.
The companion will be given a special pass by the doping control personnel to assist the athlete. Athletes under treatment with drugs prohibited by the WA protocol must be in possession of and present a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) issued by the competent national authorities.

ARTICLE 14 – Image Rights

By participating in the Euro Trail de la Feclaz week, each competitor expressly authorizes the organization to use or to have used or to reproduce or to have reproduced his name, his image, his voice and his sports performance in the framework of all these races for any direct or derived exploitation of the event, and this on any support, in the whole world, by all the means known or unknown to this day, and for all the duration of the protection currently granted to direct or derived exploitations by the legal or regulatory provisions.

ARTICLE 15 – Personal data and privacy policy

When you register and take part in the event, we may collect personal information. This information will be used in accordance with the privacy policy.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish to receive such offers, please write to us indicating your name, first name and full address.

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