8 july 2022
A short and mainly uphill route


Uphill key points

The key points of the race will be updated once the course has been announced

Detailed information about the Uphill course

The race will take place on the site of La Féclaz.

The exact starting and finishing points as well as the access modalities will be communicated later.

The course is still being finalized but will be about 10km and 700m of D+.

Here is an idea of the course profile:

Assistance on the Championships and open races

Assistance is forbidden on the Championships and Open races

Official Protocol and Awards Ceremony Championships

The information about the protocol and the prize-giving of the European Masters Off Road Championships will be communicated later


there are individual and team of 3 titles (3 best in the nation) on Upphill and Trail for the following category:

M+F 35
M+F 40
M+F 45
M+F 50
M+F 55
M+F 60
M+F 65
M+F 70
M+F 75

Mandatory equipment for Uphill 10km

The compulsory equipment may be adapted according to the weather conditions and the request of the prefecture (French authority).

Obligatory :

- Adapted shoes (like trail shoes).
- Survival blanket in its original packaging and uncut.
- Visible bib to be placed on the front of the runner. A second additional electronic chip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
- Sticks allowed

Recommended material:

Water container (reusable cup type) --> there will be water points on the course, but in France we can no longer offer plastic cups: cost, make sure you have your drinking container!!!
Mobile phone charged
a bar or gel "or case or"...

In case of bad weather (the French authorities may ask us to "force" you to have all or part of the following list:

Jacket with "high waterproofing and breathability"
long pants
headgear (buff® or beanie)
long gloves

Rules of the Championships and Open Races

The rules of the event are available on the dedicated page of our website

Practical Information

- Program
- Access
- Accomodation
- Bib collection
- Spectator


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- Trail Running
- Uphill

Open races

- Enrolment
- Euro Open 40

Usefull links

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