Trail Running

9 july 2022
40km to discover the Bauges Massif 

Detailed information about the Trail Running course

Start of the Race

At the start, SAS will be created according to your category so that people competing in the same category are grouped together.
All SAS will start at the same time.

Here is the list of the starting SAS:

  • SAS 1 : Master 35 Men
  • SAS 2 : Master 35 Women + Master 40 Women
  • SAS 3 : Master 40 Men
  • SAS 4 : Master 45 Female + Master 50 Female
  • SAS 5: Master 45 Male
  • SAS 6: Master 50 Male
  • SAS 7: Master 55 Male
  • SAS 8: Master 55 + 60 + 65 + 70 + 75 Female
  • SAS 9: Master 60 Male
  • SAS 10: Master 65 + 70 + 75 Men

Track of the race

The race will take place on the site of La Féclaz with a start and finish in the center of the resort.

The course will be 38km and 2100m of D+ and will be composed of 2 different loops. We have been granted permission to cross several properties and mountain pastures only for the duration of the race. Also, the course will only be available when you pick up your number so that there is no scouting beforehand. Thank you for your understanding.
The tracks will be also available online from friday 1pm here :

To help you prepare your race, you will find below the profile of the race with the refreshment points


Times limit

On the course, several time barriers are planned:

  • Start at 8:00 am
  • Km 16 at 11:30 am (3h30 of race)
  • Km 25 at 1:30 pm (5h30 of race)
  • Km 38 at 17h00 (9h00 of race)


Compulsory equipment Trail 40km

The mandatory equipment may be adapted according to the weather conditions and the request of the prefecture (French authority).

Mandatory :

  • Suitable shoes (trail shoes type).
  • Survival blanket in its original packaging and not cut.
  • 2 visible bibs to be placed at the back and front of the runner. The number on the back will be the category in which the runner is running.
  • Water container (reusable cup type)
  • Charged cell phone
  • Whistle
  • Sticks allowed
  • Waterproof jacket

Assistance on the Championships

Assistance will only be allowed at the refreshment points of the different races

Official Protocol and Awards Ceremony Championships

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday July 6th between 10:30 and 11:30 am in front of the Tourist Office.
The runners will be called to take place in the SAS corresponding to their country, materialized by a flag and the name of their country from 10:00 am. Two people will be chosen to be flag bearers and carry the sign with the name of the country. Once the opening speeches have been given, a parade of nations will take place in the center of the Féclaz resort, a distance of about 400m.
Wearing your country's official jersey is strongly recommended to participate in the opening ceremony.


There will be individual and team of 3 titles (3 best of the nation) on Uphill and Trail for the following categories:
M+W+T 35 / M+W+T 40 / M+W+T 45 / M+W+T 50 / M+W+T 55 / M+W+T 60 / M+W+T 65 / M+W+T 70 / M+W+T 75
The prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday at 6 pm for the Uphill and on Saturday at 5 pm for the Trail.
The awarded runners will have to present themselves 15 minutes before the beginning of the prize-giving ceremony at the podium located on the square in front of the Tourist Office and present the badge which will be given to them at the arrival to the person in charge of the reception of the runners (it will be located on the left of the podium, at the level of the Maxi blue banner).
Attention, if a runner is not present when the podium is called, it will be done without him and he will not be able to get his medal.

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 9 between 7:00 and 7:30 pm in front of the Tourist Office and will be followed by a drink offered to all athletes who participated in the event.

Rules of the Championships

The rules of the event are available on the dedicated page of our website

Practical Information

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